Pairing Creation #1: The Classic Pairing

Monday, November 27th

Pairing Creation #1: The Classic Pairing

Gil & Monica Sanchez

Co-Founders & Inventors

In the Cup:

Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

 On the Plate:

Elegantly Crafted Classic Charcuterie Plate

The Pairer(s) Insights:

It’s a family affair! This pairing was created by Isa, Pairingware’s Creative Director. She also happens to be Gil + Monica’s niece. Who’s the hand model? It’s Claudia – Isa’s mom. We loved how the photo shoot came out. This image is not only a classic pairing but also Pairingware’s cover shot.


Pairing Location: Residence Grounds
Pairing Occasion: Pairingware Photo Shoot
City/Country: Punta Gorda, Florida, U.S.A.
Pairer Contributor(s):
Gil + Monica (Pairingware)
Isa (Creative Director) + Claudia (Model)

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